Carleton U – Pit

Two pits were excavated within an existing building in order to accommodate a flight simulator.  Within these pits a thick concrete slab was made with 2 octagonal hollow cylinders in … Read more

Pearl Plaza

Pearl Plaza, a Design Build Project, was the construction of a single storey commercial building on a “Brownfield Site”. The end result of this design saw the owner working out of his building while having separated the space to allow for two other tenants.

Biofuels Storage Facility

Supply and installation of a pre-engineered structure to serve as a storage facility for biofuel containers.The structure was constructed in an occupied testing facility managed by the client.

Heritage Funeral Home

Construction of a 10,000 sq.ft. funeral home. The project was taken over by Dolyn when the previous contractor failed to meet the demands of the owner.  Dolyn was responsible for … Read more

YMCA-YWCA Merivale

Fit-up to an existing office space 4,000 sq.ft. in size. Work included architectural finishing (drywall, paint, floor tile) along with some upgrading to the existing mechanical and electrical systems.


Reconstruction of an exterior wall along the side of a heritage building located on the experimental farm in Ottawa. Work included the demolition of the existing wall, followed by shoring … Read more

St. Albans Church

This project was both an interior/exterior and structural retrofit of an existing heritage designated church in downtown Ottawa. New administrative offices were constructed from a portion of a gutted building, … Read more

Rideau Cottage

This Heritage Project was awarded to Dolyn as the low bidder as a pre-qualified General Contractor.  The work included the removal of all existing sprinkler, mechanical and electrical systems to … Read more

290 West Hunt Club Rd.

Construction of a 40,000 sq.ft. retail base building consisting of five tenancies. Construction consisted of a concrete foundation with an overlying structural steel supplied & installed using the CANAM master … Read more

2191 Thurston Dr

Interior Renovation of 8,700 square feet of office space for Com-Net for the first phase of the project in order to accommodate their growing business. The Merkburn fit-up (Phase 2) … Read more

Carpenters Union – Green Creek Drive

We entered into a design/build competition for Local 93’s Administrative/Union Hall/Training Center. We were chosen and built the new facility of which they are immensely proud, as are we.

308 Leggett

Dolyn’s first ever project. It was a design/build custom building of 32,000 square feet for TES Ltd., a military contractor. The building has since been vacated and we converted its … Read more


We were the invited low bidder for this new 30,000 square foot office/industrial building to be occupied by the Canadian Restorations. A nice departure from typical industrial architecture.

Dr. Thadee- 4275 Innes Road

Built on a “Brownfield Site” – we decontaminated it and demolished the existing structures. This rare jewel on Innes Road stands out as a true Professional’s Building and is home … Read more

DMH Building- 4043 Carling Avenue

This was a development opportunity for which we assembled a syndicated ownership group and developed the building through the design/build process for a single tenant. We subsequently have modified the … Read more

5 Blackburn Avenue

This was a 130 year old Heritage building in serious need of upgrading. This was the former home of Heritage Canada. As space became available we renovated while working with … Read more

Gausthaus Swiss Inn- 89 Daly Avenue

This Heritage beauty needed a breakfast room/gathering area which we were proud to build. Other renovations and repairs were addressed during the project as well.

Tommy & Lefebvre – 464 Bank Street

T&L’s Flagship store sadly burned to the ground in 2008. This significantly enlarged and modernized replacement was open 13 months after the original burned down, on the same site.

TD Bank Canada Trust

218 Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON K1V 1C1 This is a LEED certified building which is free standing in a mall in which all buildings have achieved this standard and … Read more

3 Claremont Avenue

A couple, a dentist and a homeopath, had a dream of having both their offices in the same building. Apartments above help bring economies of scale to the project. We … Read more

OC Transpo – Merivale Bus Garage

This contract included the removal of the existing bus washes and the installation of 2 new bus washes and 2 new lanes of cleaning stations.  The project was completed in … Read more